Team-Building Program Using MBTI®

Today, the success of any modern organization largely depends on the ability of its teams to perform effectively. Teams consists of people and each member is unique in terms of his or her needs, motivations, interests, likes, dislikes, ways of working, communication etc. To make them work cohesively for the common goal is a challenging task. One of the effective ways of meeting this challenge is through using MBTI® instrument in Team-Building. 

What is MBTI®?

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) tool is the most widely used and most trusted personality instrument in the world. It is a forced choice, self-report, personality questionnaire used to measure and describe people’s preferences for how they like to get information, make decisions and orient their lives. It is based on Carl Jung’s theory of perception and judgment and classifies people into 16 broad Personality Types.

Benefits of MBTI®

Taking the MBTI® inventory and receiving feedback will help a person identify his/her unique and latent gifts. It enhances understanding and awareness of one self, one’s preferences, interests, natural strengths and potential areas for growth. It will also help the person to understand and appreciate others who differ from him/her and encourages better inter-personal relationships and co-operation with others.  Few of its application includes; self-understanding and development, relationship counseling, career exploration and development, education, team building, and effective customer relationships. Each year, over 2 million people take the MBTI® instrument worldwide.

How MBTI® Can Benefit Teams?

  • Develop understanding of your own type preferences and how to apply them to team-building.
  • Understand how team members are different.
  • Better communication among team members.
  • Identify individual and team areas of strength and weakness.
  • Identify sources of conflicts and designing strategies to overcome them.
  • Effective problem-solving.


The Team-Building program shall be designed and conducted based on the specific needs and requirements of the client organization.

The program will be conducted by the certified MBTI® practitioner in an interactive and participative way.

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Point to Ponder

"By developing individual strengths, guarding against weaknesses, and appreciating the strengths of other types, life will be more amusing, more interesting, and more of a daily adventure than it would possibly be if everyone were alike".

- Isabel Briggs Myers