Discover Your Child’s Strengths & Potential Areas of Growth through MMTIC®

(For children & young people from age 7 to 18)

 Every child is born with certain natural talents and potentials which when identified, understood and developed can result in strengths that can set a course for his or her positive and healthy growth in a very natural way.

In an endeavor to helps children, young people and parents, this service is offered through a unique program titled, “Discover your child’s strengths and potential areas of growth through Murphy-Meisgeier Type Indicator for Children® (MMTIC®).


How to identify one's Strengths & Stretches? 

Personality Type Concept is one way of identifying one’s self, natural talents and stretches or areas of growth. It helps in understanding the way we get energized, process information, make decisions and the way we like to live.

The personality Type concept was originally devised by Swiss psychologist Carl Jung and was greatly expanded by the American mother-and-daughter team of Katharine Briggs and Isabel Briggs. Murphy-Meisgeier Type Indicator for Children® (MMTIC®) is an assessment used to assess the personality type in children and young people from age seven to eighteen (grade 2 to 12th



There are many benefits of introducing type concepts to the children or young people.

  • It helps children in becoming more self-aware which can lead to better self-management academically and socially.
  • It helps children develop greater awareness of their preferred ways of processing information, making decisions and  forming relationships.
  • It helps students develop study habits that are more effective for their natural styles
  • It helps children in understanding how and why they make choices the way they do
  • It helps them with friendships and building personal relationship skills.
  • It increases there respect for differences in others.


In this program, the child or young person is helped to identify his/her personality type through psychological instrument MMTIC and scientifically designed process. A detailed report is given which includes a brief introduction to type; details for the type with strengths and stretches; applications describing how his/her type is related to studying, learning, working with others, working with parents and teachers, friendships and potential pitfalls to be avoided.


To know more about the program, please contact to discover the latent potentialities in your little loved ones.  



Murphy-Meisgeier Type Indicator for Children and MMTIC are trademarks or registered trademarks of Elizabeth Murphy and Charles Meisgeier, in the United States and other countries. The MMTIC assessment is published by the Center for Applications of Psychological Type, Inc.

Point to Ponder

“What did you do as a child that made the hours pass like minutes? Herein lies the key to what you should be doing in your worldly pursuits."

- Carl Jung