Online Career Assessment & Counseling


Most of us, while making career choice either go according to the direction of our parents or friends or according to what’s hot in the market, without considering our personality, strengths, skills, preferences, values and interests. This approach to making career-choice is suicidal because the cost of wrong choice is high in terms of time, effort and money. Effective career testing & counseling can prevent this.

Each of us is born with a certain personality, talents, gifts, skills and interests. It is only when we use these talents/gifts in our field of interest that we most enjoy doing that work and are able to experience satisfaction, peace and happiness in our lives. We are also more efficient and effective in our job and the quality of the outcome is far superior. This allows for the self-actualization of our potentialities, personal completion and fulfillment in life.

The question then arises, how best to identify our personality, true talents, skills and interests? This requires a commitment on our behalf to know ourselves and a helping hand or guidance of a career-coach, who could guide us through the process of discovering our dream career or job.

Through this online career assessment & counseling program you will have the opportunity to discover your personality, hidden talents, skills, interests and other important factors necessary to make a right career choice. The main goal is to help you to figure out what career satisfaction means to you and to help you find the work you’ll love.

Key Features:

  • Take assessments online & receive fedback over skype  
  • One-on-one interaction
  • Use of  standardized & scientific methods
  • Require multiple sittings and commitment

For Whom:

  • Class IX and X students for stream selection
  • Class XI, XII students for career choice
  • Individuals who are dissatisfied with the present vocation and desire to discover their dream career.


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Point to Ponder

"Your work is to discover your work and then with all your heart give yourself to it."

- Buddha


"The ideal college would be a kind of educational retreat in which you could try to find yourself; find out what you like and want; what you are and are not good at. People would take various subjects, attend various seminars, not quite sure of where they are going, but moving toward the discovery of vocation, and once they found it, they could then make good use of technological education. The chief goals of the ideal college, in other words, would be the discovery of identity, and with it, the discovery of vocation."

- Abraham Maslow